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Meet the Owner

Functional & Organized Home Solutions was started in 2020 by Emily to provide real solutions to everyday people. Emily’s rehabilitation background as an occupational therapist coupled with her love for all things organizing are the perfect combination to set you up for success in a home that serves you!


We know it’s stressful to lose things you need and to waste money on things you already own.  Clutter has a tendency to wreak havoc on an already busy schedule, making it difficult to find the items you need in order to get out of the door on time. Emily has a passion for helping people overcome the physical chaos in order to create a peaceful environment for the entire family.  


As a clinician having worked with all ages and abilities, she has the unique ability to implement strategies that maximize your home to support your needs.  From creating sensory friendly spaces in your home to setting up processes that support safe, independent living for aging adults, her expertise in environmental adaptions allow her to establish areas dedicated for calming or movement, provide recommendations for lighting and visual organization, and minimize sensory overload. 

Emily's mission is to maximize the efficiency and functionality of your home so you can spend time doing the things most important to you.

Emily Parisey owner professional organizer
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